Les Adorables - 愛すべきパリの人びと


扱いの違い/ difference in the treatment/ difference en traitement
difference in the treatment

While the bigger one is on the vehicle...

Pendant que la tasse grande est sur un vehicule prestigieux...

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ふたりの家路/ two on the way home/ les deux sur le chemin a chez soi
two on the way home

Twos on the way home.

Les paires rentrant a la maison.

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跳び蹴りサンタ/ Santa's dropkick/ dropkick du Pere Noel
Santa's dropkick

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フラフープする木/ tree playing a hula hoop/ arbre a hula hoop
tree playing a hula hoop

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肩越しに/ over the shoulders/ par-dessus l'epaule
over the shoulders

This sunken line of the shoulders is there for the dog walking side-by-side, not to block his view.

La ligne enfoncee de l'epaule est la pour ne pas bloque la vue du chien qui se promene a cote.

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静かな侵略/ silent invasion/ invasion silencieuse
silent invasion

Silently, but steadily, extending the power downwards...

Tranquilement, mais progressivement, au-dessous...

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電車を待つ決めポーズ/ posing as waiting for a train/ poser en attendant le train
posing as waiting for a train

...too perfect.

...trop parfait.

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人気の観光地/ popular tourist attraction/ attraction touristique populaire
popular tourist attraction1

Numbers of tour buses parked in the back.

Des nombreux autocars touristiques au derriere.

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家路を急ぐ人/ guy hurrying home/ mec hatant le pas
guy hurrying home

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タイルの強度の研究/ study on the hardness of tiles/ etude sur la durete de carreaux de chaque couleur
study on the hardness of tiles

Mosaique on the floor of a Passage.
It seems the each colour of tiles has a different degree of hardness, judging by the different levels of the wear.

Le sol d'un passage pave en mosaique.
Il apparait que chaque couleur de carreaux a le different degre de durete, jugeant par les niveaux d'usure.

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アドベント・カレンダー的風景/ life-size advent calendar/ calendrier d'avent sur la taille reelle
life-size advent calendar

4 windows have opened so far.

4 fenetres sont ouvertes jusqu'a present.

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4本足の乗客/ fluffy passenger/ passager a quatre pattes
 fluffy passenger


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