Les Adorables - 愛すべきパリの人びと


真剣勝負/ serious game/ jeux serieux
serious game

At a boarding gate of the Charles-de-Gaulle airport.
Might be on some rule that drives them this serious, like the winner can take a seat on
this bench or something...

A une porte d'embarquement de l'aeroport CDG.
Ils joueraient sur un pari comme les gagnants porraient prendre la place sur le banc.

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全く同じ景色/ identical view/ vue identique
identical view

When two of the couple is at exactely the same height, it is possible to share the identical view if they stick firmly together.

Lorsque les deux personnes a exactement la meme taille, ils peuvent partager la vue identique, en se collant.

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ダメと言われるとやりたくなる/ contrary people/ esprit de contradiction
contrary people

A wall curved with the words "post no bills".

Un mur grave de mots "difense d'affiche".

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星を見る会/ star watching/ observation astronomique
star watching

In the middle of a public bridge...

Au milieu d'un pont public...

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織り込み済み/ well-prepared/ bien prepare

Non-electric bulletin board in case the electric one is out of order.

Un panneau d'affichage non-electrique au cas de la panne d'un panneau electrique.

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寝返り打てない昼寝/ napping on the edge/ sieste au bord d'un precipice
napping on the edge

Cornering himself like an ascetic...

Au bord d'un precipice...

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プロの服装/ professional's attire/ tenue professionnelle
professional's attire1

An open-air book seller on the bank of the Seine.

Une bouquiniste au quai de la Seine.

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海でバカンス満喫中/ enjoying the vacation in the sea/ en vacances a la mer
enjoying the vacation in the sea

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斜め読み/ diagonal reading/ lecture en diagonale
diagonal reading

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トーナメント表/ tournament bracket/ tournoi
tournament bracket

A tournament bracket suddenly appeared on the subway wall.

Un tournoi de quelque chose qui a apparu sur le mur du metro.

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上の階はイタリア人/ Italian neighbour/ voisin italien
Italian neighbour

Identity shows when there are Olympic Games or a World Cup kind of things happening...

L'identite se devoile quand il y a des evenements comme les JO ou le Coupe du Monde...

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影がアツイ日/ hot shadow/ ombre chaude
hot shadow

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スパルタ教育/ bootcamp training/ entrainement spartiate
bootcamp training

"I will make you a tough dog!"
Zeal in education is sometimes troublesome...

"Je te ferai un chien costaud!"
L'enthousiasme en education est parfois embetant...

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