Les Adorables - 愛すべきパリの人びと


紅白ラブシーン対決/ love scene on white vs on red/ scenes d'amour sur le blanc vs sur le rouge
love scene on white vs on red

Black clothes stand out on either colour of background,
whether on the red of passion, or on the white of pure love.

Les vetements noirs vont bien avec les deux couleurs du fond,
le rouge de la passion, ou le blanc de l'amour pure.

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グリーティング・メール・ラッシュ/ greeting mail rush/ rush d'emission de mails de voeux
greeting mail rush

Travelers flocking together for wireless internet in the end of the year.

Les voyageurs s'amassant pour le WiFi a la fin d'annee.

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大掃除/ grand cleaning/ grand nettoyage
grand cleaning

Peeling off the dirty spot from the store facade.

Ecaillant de la partie tachee de la facade de la boutique.

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パーティシーズン用の買い出し/ grocery shopping for the festive season/ courses pour la saison festive
grocery shopping for the festive season

Requires a delicate balance.

Dificile a equilibrer.

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テーブルの上の舞台/ stage on the table/ scene sur la table
stage on the table

At a self-service Chinese restaurant.
While the girl's parents are ordering at the counter, there's some drama developping on the table.
In her imagination, bottles of soy sauce and chilli sauce should be a part of the theatre setting.

Au restaurant chinois a self-service.
Pendant que les parents de la fille commandent au comptoir, il y a une scene de theatre qui se developpe sur la table.
Dans son imagination, les bouteilles de sauces doivent certainement faire partie du decor de la scene.

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仕事の相棒/ job partner/ cammarade de boulot
job partner

Temporarily teamed up for closing the road.

Une paire temporaire pour barrer la route.

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交差点で一服/ a whiff at the intersection/ bouffees a l'intersection
a whiff at the intersection

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サンタクロースのデート/ Santa Claus on a date/ Pere Noel au rendez-vous personnel
Santa Claus on a date

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我慢できなくて/ couldn't wait/ ne pouvait plus attendre
couldn't wait

In the subway, on the way back from the grocery shopping, couldn't wait anymore for ice cream!
Had to have a bite, using a lid as a spoon...

Dans le metro en rentrant des courses, il ne ponvait plus resister a gouter sa glace:
en utilisant le couvercle comme la cuillere..

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電灯の孤独/ solitude of a street lamp/ solitude d'un reverbere
solitude of a street lamp

While motorcycles, bikes, cars, Christmas trees, benches and even manholes, are all in pair.

Pendant que des motos, des velos, des voitures, des Sapins, des bancs et meme des plaques d'egout sont tous en paire...

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狩猟規制下の猟犬/ hound under the hunting restriction/ chien de chasse sous la restriction
hound under the hunting restriction

No hunting on leopards.

Pas de chasse aux leopards.

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一手間増える冬/ additional labor during the winter/ pendant l'hiver
additional labor during the winter

Have to light the heater for the tables on the street before the evening hours.

Il faut alumer le chaufage pour la terrace avant les heures de soir.

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花の配達/ flower delivery/ livraison de fleurs
flower delivery

Delivery to the church is straining.

Ca fait tendre d'en livrer a l'eglise.

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スパイ潜入/ spy infiltration/ infiltration d'un espion
spy infiltration

Pretending to have come to the exhibition, in fact he himself is drawing the visitors of the exhibition.

En feignant d'etre venu a l'expo, en effet, il peint lui-meme les visiteurs a l'expo.

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風景写真ハンター/ hunter of images/ chasseur d'images
hunter of images

On an available "tripod", watching for a moment when the street is deserted...

Sur un disponible "trepied", attendant le moment ou la rue est desertee.

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クリスマス前のおねだり/ wish list before Christmas/ liste d'envie avant Noel
wish list before Christmas

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このあたりの中心/ heart of around here/ coeur d'alentour
heart of around here

The heart of the pavement around here.

Parfois on peut trouver le coeur de rues pavees.

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メリー・ランドリー/ merry laundromat/ joyeuse laverie
merry laundromat

An usually inconspicuous coin-op laundry making its presence felt by showy Christmas decoration.

Une laverie pas remarquable d'habitude s'affirmant par la decoration de noel.

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棲み分け/ niche for each/ gout de chacun
niche for each

Each seems to have its favourite floor.

Chacun semble avoir son etage favori.

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膝枕席/ seat on the lap of a beauty/ siege sur les genoux d'une belle
seat on the lap of a beaut

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馬車の速度体験ツアー/ sightseeing on a quasi-carriage/ tour sur une quasi-voiture a cheval
sightseeing at the speed of a carriage

A sightseeing bus running no more than a speed of the horse because of the mounted police officer in front.
Unintentionally, it provides to the tourists with an experience to tour the city at the carriage-era speed...

Un bus de tourisme roulant a la vitesse d'un cheval, a cause d'un officier de la police montee en avant.
Sans intention, il offre aux touristes une experience de la vie a l'epoque des voitures a cheval.

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アイコンタクト/ eye contact/ contact visuel
eye contact

Their eyes always rest on each other even during the short moment when they have to be apart.

Ils se cherchent toujours des jeux, meme pendant le petit moment ou ils doivent se separer.

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壮大な記念撮影/ large-scale photo shooting/ photo de souvenir sur une grande envergure
large-scale photo shooting1

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今朝からの歴史/ trace of the history since this morning/ toute l'histoire depuis le matin
trace of the history since this morning

Footprints of the people who passed here since this morning...

Des pas de ceux qui sont y passes depuis le matin...

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地下鉄の車窓/ view through the subway window/ vue par la fenetre du metro
view from the subway window

Tunnel, ad or graffiti art.

Tunnel, pub ou graffiti.


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