Les Adorables - 愛すべきパリの人びと


あなたの頭上に秘密の花園/ secret garden above your head/ le jardin secret au-dessus de votre tete
secret garden above your head

At an angle that the passers-by on the street under it.

A l'angle ou les passants au-dessous ne voient pas.

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額入り鳩/ framed pigeon/ pigeon encadre
framed pigeon

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失敗したチョイス/ wrong choice/ mauvais choix
wrong choice

At a merry-go-round.
Giraffe's neck obstructs the front view...

Au carrousel.
Le cou de girafe barre la vue.

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着せ替え二人羽織/ life-sized dress-up doll/ poupee mannequin a grandeur nature
life-sized dress-up doll

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弟子入り志願者/ applicant for a pupil/ apprentissage volontaire
applicant for a pupil

In admiration for a miraculous performance.

En admiration devant la doigte prodigieuse.

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ランチの微妙な距離感/ lunch at an awkward distance/ dejeuner a distance delicate
lunch at an awkward distance

They might need a table between the two to reduce an impression that they are sitting a bit too far to each other.

Il leur faut une table pour reduire l'impression qu'ils sont un peu loin de chaqu'une.

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ボーダーライン/ borderline/ frontiere

This one building seems to be shared by two different owners.

Un appartement partage par deux proprietaires differents.

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大道芸人たちの休息/ street performers taking a break/ artistes de rue en repos
street performers taking a break

Time to amuse themselves.

L'heure de se divertir eux-meme.

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ホラーなコーン/ horror traffic cones/ cones de chantier d'horreur
horror traffic cones

Piling up like this, they look almost like unknown creepy creatures crawling up, from the horror films...

Entasses comme ca, on dirait des animaux inconnus grampant sur le moto, comme dans les films d'horreur...

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中庭ならぬ中ジャングル/ not a courtyard but a courtjungle/ cour de jungle
not a courtyard but a courtjungle

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ジャガイモお届け/ delivery of potatoes/ livraison de pommes de terre
delivery of potatoes

Typical garnish of bistro dishes, potatoes.
A bag like this will feed how many people?

La garniture typique des plats de bistro, le pomme de terre.
Un sac comme ca pourront se faire combien de plats de garniture?

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秘密の特訓/ secret intensive training/ entrainement intensif en cachant
secret intensive training

Facing the wall under the bridge...

Face au mur sous le pont..

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真の忠犬/ truly faithful dog/ chien veritablement loyal
truly faithful dog

On occasions like this, he just erases his presence;
takes a distance, but not too much so that the rope will not be tighten.

Aux occasions ainsi, il efface sa presence;
prendre assez de distance, mais pas trop, pour le souci de ne pas tirer la corde.

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小麦色派から美白派まで/ from tanning to whitening/ de la bronzette au blanchissement
tanning or whitening

According to each one's taste of skin tone, sun bathers controlling the appropriate amount of sunlight to receive.

Selon le gout de chacun, les baigneurs de soleil controlant la quantite de lumiere qu'ils recoivent.

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光の抜け道/ secret passage of the light/ chemin secret de la lumiere
secret passage of the light

It seems at only one part on the street there's a gap in the series of opposite buildings.

Une partie dans toute la rue, il y a une coupure dans la serie de batiments de l'autre cote.

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背中合わせのふたり/ back to back with each other/ dos a dos
back to back with each other

With neither of them even knowing about it...

Les deux ne sachant pas qu'ils l'ont.

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絶景カフェ/ cafe with a superb view/ cafe avec une vue magnifique

Clients can sit back and watch the construction works proceeding just before their noses.
A parfect spot for "construction maniacs", if there is any such a person.

Les clients peuvent s'amuser a un cafe et a un spectacle des travaux en cours juste sous leurs yeux.Un lieu ideal pour les fanatiques des travaux publics, s'il y en a des telles personnes.
cafe with a superb view

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イタリアンでごちそう/ Italian feast/ regal italien
Italian feast

Sparrows at the Paris-Bercy station enjoying a feast of bugs brought from Italy on the international trains.

Les moineaux a la gare Paris-Bercy se divertissant a se regaler des insectes ramenes de l'Italy par trains internationaux.

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便利なオープンカー/ convertible as a practical vehicle/ cabriolet la voiture pratique
convertible as a practical vehicle

With a car like this, you can shop without worrying about the storage capacity of the car,
besides, you can show off your trophy to the strangers passing by.

Avec la vehicule comme ca, on peut faire du shopping sans preoccupation pour la capacite
de la voiture, en plus, on peut exhiber le butin de shopping aux pasants inconnus.

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ペンキ塗りかけ/ fresh paint in progress/ peinture fraiche a moitie
fresh paint in progress

That's it for today.

Bien travaille pour aujourd'hui.

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存在感のビッグな一行/ group of "big shots"/ groupe de "gros bonnets"
group of

The dog and baggages also have great presence.

Le chien et des bagages ont de la grande presence aussi.

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働きにくい職場/ uncomfortable workplace/ lieu de travail inconfortable
uncomfortable workplace

A mechanic who works on the street.
He has to work in the narrow gap between the notorious Parisian parked cars.

Un mecanicien travaillant dans la rue.
Il doit travailler dans l'espace exigue entre les voitures garees "a la parisienne".

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秘密の制作/ secret creation/ creation secrete
secret creation

At the steep angle like this with his back against the wall:
the position tells that the painter won't let passers-by peep at his canvas.

A l'angle aigu et son dos vers le mur: la position montre la determination
du peintre de ne pas permettre a personne de jeter un coup d'oeil sur sa toile.

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軍神の威を借る住民/ under the shelter of borrowed divinity/ homme vetu de la peau du dieu de la guerre
under the shelter of borrowed divinity

Posing as same as the Mars relief, the resident looks almost like a hero in the Greco-Roman mythology.

Prenant la meme pose que Mars en relief, le residant semble presque un hero de la mythologie greco-romaine.

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クリエイティブなゴミの捨て方/ art work at the dump/ oeuvre d'art a la decharge publique
art work at the dump

Is this intentional that the assemblage looks like a face?

Est-il bien calcule pour que l'assemblage fasse un visage?

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ラスト・タンゴ・イン・パリ/ Last Tango in Paris/ Dernier Tango a Paris
last tango in paris2

People get together at the river bank to dance tango on every Thursday.

Les gens qui se reunissent sur le quai pour dancer le tango tous les jeudis.

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巨大サラダ/ gigantic salad/ salade gigantesque
gigantic salad

Do they leave boxes of vegetables on the table in this cafe?

On laisse des boites de salade sur les table a ce cafe?

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対岸の混雑/ overcrowded side of the river/ rive encombree
overcrowded side of the river

What makes this huge difference in popularity?

Qu'est-ce qui definit cette difference en popularite?

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セクシー警備員/ sexy security guard/ garde sexy
sexy security guard

Not sure about the security effect of showing his sexy hips, though.

L'effet de l'exposition de ses fesses reste inconnu.

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崖っぷち/ sitting on the edge/ assise en bout
sitting on the edge

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