Les Adorables - 愛すべきパリの人びと


反抗期/ rebellious stage/ periode d'opposition
rebellious stage

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ある意味広告効果/ ad effect...?/ effet de la pub...dans un certain sens
ad effect...?

Being given thirst by the ad, he's just filling his bottle with water from the tap.

Etant donne la soif par la pub, il remplit sa bouteille d'eau de robinet.

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そこのけそこのけ洗濯物が通る/ laundry lane/ voie lessive
laundry lane

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つぎあて/ patched glass/ rapiecage
patched glass

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観察者は群れから離れる/ observer keeping a distance of objectivity from the subjects/ observatrice gardant la distance d'objectivite des sujets
observer keeping a distance of objectivity from the subjects

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眠り姫のアパルトマン/ Enchanted building complex/ la belle a l'apartment dormant
Enchanted building complex

If the Sleeping Beauty had lived in the city, her apartment after the sleeping curse should have looked like this.

Si la Belle avait vecu dans une ville au lieu d'un chateau dans le bois, son demeur apres la malediction de sommeil a cent ans, serait devenu comme ca.

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表に見せない努力/ hidden efforts/ efforts caches derriere
hidden efforts

They play it cool by calmly sitting and chatting, but there must have been a big effort to climb up on this height.

Ils le jouent cool en bavardant et en se delassant en maniere calme, mais il a du avoir un grand effort d'y monter a cette hauteur.

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